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Here you are the last and most important updates of GuardTek both for Post and M-Post:

Set Conditions

  • You are now able to get notifications based on how a specific report is answered.
  • When the user answers a field in a “particular manner”, that answer can trigger a notification to a specific person or group of people. Let´s see an example: You have an “accident report”, then, It appears an incident with a question “Did you call the police?” if the officer answer is “No” then you don’t send an email, it’s not important. If the answer is “Yes”, then you want to send an email to the general manager, so he knows that the police will come. You have also the option to mix the condition. Let´s use another example for maintenance reports. You can have a question like “type of issue”:
    1. Door blocked
    2. Window broken
    3. Water on the floor

for the response 1 and 2 you would send the report to the maintenance service and for 3 you would want to send to the cleaning service. It can really be useful in a lot of different cases.


Image Canvas

The main request from our customers was to be able to do “vehicle inspection”. With this update the officer would inspect the vehicle and then draw on the picture the places where there are dents or cracks in the car.

  • You can now add an image to a report and have the user draw on top of the image. This is quite useful in the case of a vehicle inspection or an injury report.
  • A diagram of a vehicle or person can be added to the template. The reporting officer can then use this diagram to indicate where the damage or injury is located.

laptop canvas

How can you use this?

Both of these updates are in regard of Incident and Event Reporting. They improve the process by getting more detailed information and more detailed notification.

If you need more detailed information about our updates please contact to support@trackforce.com

Article Resource: http://www.trackforce.com/new-guardtek-feature-updates-2/


Important Tips for Security Patrol Guards while Performing Their Duty

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Security patrol guards walk day and night around properties they are assigned to secure. They provide a safe and secure environment to the property and prevent violence and thefts. Unlike normal security officers, security patrol officers do not secure small business, gates or personal premises. They work for the state or a local law enforcement department or a big organization or property. They Patrol and respond to emergencies such as robberies, kidnappings, assaults, homicides and other incidents in only a particular geographic area. When they are appointed on highways and roadways, they control traffic, issue citations and arrest criminals. At the time of accidents, they assess damage, assist injured motorists and assist other local law enforcement agencies. These duties require patrol officers to be in good physical condition. It requires a lot of energy and smartness to make right decisions at crime scenes.  Here we have got some tips for security patrol officers that they can follow while working in the field.

Always Stay Awake in the Field:

I know it is hard to stay awake while doing long hours while patrolling in shifts. But staying awake is the most important thing that a security patrol officer should work on. It is very difficult to stay awake when your eyelids start drooping and your head starts bobbing down. Here you have to apply some common sense tips to get rid of feeling sleepy.

  • Eat nutritious and small meals.
  • Eat in small breaks.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Get a good scheduled sleep.
  • Make a routine for exercise.

When all of these do not work, just take a pinch of coffee grounds and put it between your cheek and lower gum, it is similar to chewing tobacco. It might taste nasty and bitter, but it will surely work. A pinch of coffee grounds will easily get into your system within 5 to 10 minutes, which is faster than drinking a cup of coffee.

Do Not Have any Doubts about Patrolling Parameters

To ensure the effectiveness of guard tour system, it is very important for security officers to know about the different parameters of tours such as patrolling timing, intervals timing and tour routes. It is important that patrol officers should not have any doubts about how to execute guard tour but should be aware of specific actions that are required to accomplish in predefined time. Security patrol officers are also expected to be aware of predefined routes to follow while managing staff. They should know appropriate directions as to how security patrols are executed.

Always Carry Required Security Equipments

Do not forget to carry important security equipment with you. As a security patrol officer, carry security equipment that you are allowed to carry such as a gun, baton, pepper spray and knife.  Security equipment is an important item that every security patrol officer should carry in their duty belt. Always have a quick access to your security equipment so that you can fight and protect yourself in a critical situation. Ensure that your defensive gear is in good working order. Carry a light torch or wear a helmet torch for night tours.  Make sure your light equipment is working and will not fail during tours. Wear a chest west inside your uniform and make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

Physical Security Incident Management Software: Improving the Effectiveness of Incident Management in Hospitals

Physical security incident management software is an important tool for managing overall incidents of hospitals related to patients, staff, emergencies, events, information security breaches and medical errors. It is a life saving tool and a powerful software application that helps hospitals to manage their incidents. It centralizes all incident information and important data of the hospital into a one easy-to-use system. Let’s have a look at the number of features of physical security incident management software that helps hospitals to promote security and working efficiency across the healthcare organization.

  • Real-time communication within hospital

Physical security incident management software helps to establish a real-time and smooth communication across the hospital organization. Its incident reporting system has a real- time communication capability that helps hospitals managing daily emergency operations of all levels from one centralized platform.


  • Physical security incident management software notifies responders about incidents in real-time

Physical security incident management software with the use of its real-time communication capabilities and critical situational awareness tools notifies hospital’s key security officers or supervisors, and keep them aware and informed about the upcoming crises.

  • Enhance security of the hospital organization

Physical security incident management enhances the security of the hospital by monitoring the real-time incidents at all level. It speeds up the process of documenting in the hospital and creates a culture of broader safety awareness.

  • Deals with adverse incidents effectively

Adverse incidents like medical frauds, information security breaches, kickbacks and medical errors are the problems that are found in every healthcare organization. Physical security incident management software is a preventive solution that helps healthcare organizations to get rid of these types of adverse incidents. It gives a healthcare organization a wide view of all recordable near-miss cases.

  • Better documentation of records

Physical security incident management software consistently documents the record of events including outcomes and corrective actions. Healthcare emergency providers do not have to search for emergency information anywhere, with the help of incident reporting software; they can easily have a consolidated view of their critical information like Patient/Triage tracking, Reunification, Hazard Vulnerability, Casualty tracking, Evacuation tracking and Bed Availability.

  • Helps to follow-up corrective actions

Physical security incident management software also helps hospital emergency managers to follow up corrective actions. With the use of physical security incident management software hospital emergency managers can coordinate and effectively manage incidents in real-time. They can easily build up future operational plans, formulate comprehensive periodic reports, track information requests, and maintain correct records of hospital incidents. They can also leverage analytic data to form physical incident reporting software and identify risky trends. Hospital managers can proactively implement suggested corrective actions by the software, which can ultimately help to prevent emergencies.


Increasing importance of security management systems at schools and college campuses

The security of an educational campus, students, visitors and staff would be of paramount concern for all educational institutions. From the past few years we have seen a vast increase in crime and violence in schools and college campuses. Increasing crime in schools and college campuses is adversely affecting the academic environment along with the personal lives of students and teachers.  For this reason ensuring the security of the campus is very important. For every educational institute it is very important to take preventive steps to reduce the risk of crimes, and this can be possible only if right security management systems are in place. Have a look at the reasons why having security management systems are incredibly important for ensuring a secure environment at school and college campuses.


Security management system protects educational institutes against terrorist attacks

The population of schools, colleges and universities is increasing day by day. A large population is arriving into educational institutes every year. With the increasing population at educational institutes, the risk of being jolted by terrorist attacks is also increasing. Just for the reason that places with large population are more prone to threat of terrorist attacks.  Educational institute campuses with a large population can be an easy target for terrorist groups. For reducing the risk of being jolted by terrorist attacks educational institutes should have a feature of visitor registration within their security management systems. Educational institutes should have an eye on each visitor. They cannot ignore the importance of managing and tracking visitors in their campus.

Having Security management system protects educational campuses against fire and burglary

The typical fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and burglar alarm systems are necessary elements that should be adopted by every educational institute for their campus security. Whether you own a small school or a large university,  fire alarm systems , fire extinguishers and burglar alarm systems should be a part of your educational institute’s security management system. They are very critical to keep an educational institute secure from the risk of potential fire accidents and various unlawful acts. For educational institutes it is very important to give their students and staff members’ proper training of using fire extinguishers and security alarms to lower the effect of fire accidents and other criminal acts.

Security management system prevents violence at educational institute’s campus

Violence at educational institute is a major issue that affects student’s learning environment and performance. For stopping educational institute’s violence educational institutes should hire security guard officers. In case a violent activity of any kind erupts in the campus, the guards should be able to stop it and inform the higher authorities and emergency services about the incident.  As guards are properly trained and they know how to deal with adverse violent situations, they will be able to deal with such kinds of incidents in an efficient and professional manner.

Security management systems prevent thefts, drug usage, bullying and other crimes at educational institutes

Theft, drug usage, bullying and other crimes at educational institutes are increasing almost every day. Security management system with CCTV systems and access control system is very important to give protection to school and college campuses against theft, drug usage, bullying, and other harmful activities. CCTV systems and access control systems on educational institutes are the perfect solutions to stop theft, bullying, and other harmful activities. There are many restrictions on the installation of CCTV systems inside schools and colleges thus they can only be installed in cafeterias and high traffic areas, and cameras cannot be monitored constantly. Despite of this installing CCTV systems and access control systems in cafeterias and high traffic areas should help increase campus safety.

Top Four Security issues plaguing Organizations – Handled with a Security Management System

Every business owner has to be aware of the importance of the security of his organization.  Any business organization can only thrive in a safe and secure environment, where the security of the building, security of employees, security of important data and financial security are a priority.  In this post we shall discuss four most critical security issues that companies face and learn how we can improve the security of an organization with the use of security management system. Let’s take a look at the importance of security management system for an organization’s security awareness program. These four points will guide you to enhance your organization’s safety and security management. After reading these points you will be convinced and agree that these four organizational security issues can be dealt with easily with the use of appropriate security management systems in place.

Organization Personal Security threats

Personal security stands for employees, workers, clients and customer’s security. If an organization wants to groom well in its market then the owner should has to take care of his organization’s personal security.  Personal security is frequently cited as the most worrisome security concern. Personal frictions between employees and employees and customers and customers are one of the major reasons of violence in the organization. Violence in any organization can form frightening prospects for any company. As we know, personal security threats and issues are so difficult to detect and prevent in advance, however we can exercise vigilance and discretion in dealing with employees issues by adding a feature of workforce management system into a security management system along with human resources and management personnel. Workforce management system allows organization owner and the security officers to track incidents, manage overall workforce, and delegate task and authority according to the employee’s skills and knowledge. This feature in your security management system will help to reduce the chance of fight or clash between employees and clients.

Take care of IT infrastructure, Information/Data Security

After protecting the company’s personal security, organization’s IT infrastructure requires a stiff security. A business’s IT and internet network contains confidential data and information that are hundred times valuable than the companies’ other assets, just for the reason that the organization’s IT infrastructure and network is the lifeline of the organization. It holds the organization’s most confidential data or information.  Employees of the organization rely on IT infrastructure and network to do their jobs and subsequently make money for the organization. Therefore it is important to recognize that your IT infrastructure and network are secured with the top security. You can secure your IT infrastructure with the use of complete security management system that includes CCTV monitoring, alarm monitoring system, security guard services and network and password security software. It will reduce the chances of data and network security breaches in the organization.

Physical Security of Organization

Physical security of an organization is the most important security that cannot be ignored whether the organization is big or small in size.  Physical security includes keeping facilities safe from theft, robbery and other criminal acts. It also includes controlling access to the facilities and maintaining them to meet standards for the safety of the company’s employees. With the use of security management system that includes security guard at the front gate, badges for employees, fire suppression systems or intruder alarms keypad access, security camera monitors and biometrics to manage employee identification and access you can remove the risk of physical security breaches.


Businesses and people need to understand the role of a site security officer

A site security officer plays an important role in enforcing law and shielding employer’s belongings and property. Intruders and thieves are an unending threat to most businesses, it is very important to maintain security of your business organization. It should be a top priority in your organization. It is very vital for your business to evaluate and see how you can improve your security. An organization’s security measures are often unnoticed until something goes awful. Having a site security officer is essential for security of the premises whether it is an organization or a public place. The presence of a site security officer is very essential for those businesses that deal in high value merchandise or are located in an area that has a high crime rate.

Importance of site security officer for security

Security measures such as cameras and alarm systems can protect your sensitive data inside your building but without site security officer it cannot be monitored and you cannot be protected as long as a site security officer is not appointed for monitoring your security. The presence of site security officer on the premises often serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers and criminals. Site security officer provides monitoring services for property owners and helps them to provide a safe environment and prevent violence. A site security officer plays different roles but the main reason for which they get hired in companies or at any site is for preventing crimes.  They work in public and private buildings and organizations to prevent crimes. They also appointed in a public places to facilities guarding against potential terrorist attacks. The presence of site security officer at a site provides peace of mind and sense of security to the owner of the organization as well as to the people who are present in that site.

Benefits of having site security officer on site

  • A site security officer works for the security of interior and exterior of the premise where they work.
  • Site security officer effectively monitors windows, doors and main gates and they always make sure that they are locked properly.
  • If a security alarm sounds in the situation of emergency then the site security officer is the first person on the scene. He is the one who makes the call to emergency, police, fire brigade or ambulance services.
  • He monitors CCTV footage and takes instant and required actions if something is happening wrong at the site.
  • They prepare daily active reports and logs of the sites where they are appointed for the security. During the situation of robbery, burglary and assault the security guard under the guidance of the site security officer will need to apprehend the suspect.
  • Site security officer is also responsible for allocating the security of the parking lots. Their presence is the only reason for criminals to think twice before breaking into cars. They monitor and report any suspicious activities. They monitor and respond to emergency alarms.


Patrol Monitoring System a must have for ports with high tendency of smuggling

In this modern age of technology each and every thing is managed by highly developed technology. It is a dangerous task to do patrolling on ports and at borders but thanks to the new technology and Monitoring system that has been developed, which helps in curbing cross border trafficking and smuggling.

Modern solution for guard touring is to have all activity reports and logs. In modern patrol monitoring system deployment of RFID and NFC on patrol routes and providing mobile devices help to send real time data and activity to the centralised system.

Guard tour patrol system is a system where it becomes essential for employee to take his round in different situations for example patrolling property or port. It really helps make sure that the employee does his or her patrolling work at the correct intervals and can offer virtual records for legal or insurance reasons. This type of system was there from so long using mechanical watch clock-based systems. But the modern systems are based on handheld data loggers and RFID sensors.

Fundamentally, the patrol system provides and maintains the record of time of the patrolling guard for reaches at certain important points on their tour. It of course makes sure the fact that the employee is reached at all given points and he is safe and can capture and send the real time pictures from his mobile devices. Checkpoints are placed at extreme ends of the tour route and at critical points.

An example of a modern set-up might work as follows: The employee carries a portable electronic sensor or mobile device which is connected with central data centre. Scan NFC/RFID tag checkpoints at strategic site locations using mobile technology sending real-time updates via email. Confirm tours in real-time using survivable tour tags; deliver detailed and accurate tour logs

Real time event and activity reporting- while guard on patrolling they can send or submit real time event and activity reports to the administrator through their mobile devices , they can send media as well as text reports of the check points. Patrol monitoring system is centralised, so it will create trust and credibility for the stake holder.

Attendance- As ports and boarders are so vast and it’s not possible to take attendance of guards at common point, so modern monitoring system help to solve this issue. Guard can report his in or out via his mobile device. This will help increase efficiency at work place.

Location finder- In modern system, we can find the geo location of the guard and it will at the time of emergency. As GPS keep tracking the location of employee so it’s easy to send the help at the time of emergency.

An Impeccable security system with security guard management software

Security Guard Management Software is a technology used to automate and modernize the security services to manage, track and ensure that officers are doing their patrols. Furthermore, it helps to store the entire personal information of guards and their daily work reports which can be supervised and accessed as and when required by the authority.

You must have already witnessed how a security guard plays a vital role in maintaining a consistent peaceful, healthy flow, whether it’s in an airport, corporate, hospital, banks or colleges.

The importance of their roles can be understood from the fact that in some cases lack of proper security measures may to lead to loss of lives. Any denial to safety & security is unacceptable both from personal and business point of view. Therefore, everyone wants to hire the best security guard service.

What turns a security guard service into an impeccable security system is security guard management software.

Let see how security management software can benefit your business?

1.) Improved Security Operation & management

It enhances benefits; decrease costs, and deals with your security workforce all the more viably via automation of internal procedures through web and mobile innovation. Software solutions can help managers and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities.

2.) Faster Incident Reporting

Easily track and manage incidents. With smart use of multimedia and text incident alerting software takes care of the entire process and enforces consistency. For every incident depending on the site and incident type you can create templates and an unlimited amount of prefilled incident reports with a wide range of response types.

3.) Track Security Tours & patrols

With this intelligent software you will be able to capture accurate real time data of guard tour logs and reports.

4.) Online Management of guard Post Order

Documentation of compliance, to give out directions & to convey post updates can be managed using different software suites.

5.) Detailed report of officer activity

Get rid of paper reports and consolidate information online. Capture or plan officer activities in real-time from any site.

6.) Protects security officer with a Lone Worker Protection

As the name suggests, with this feature an officer can get immediate help in case of emergency which may be triggered due to falls, device impacts and more, therefore it provides a protection to our man force.

If you are on a look out to hire a security services check whether they employ this impeccable software to monitor all guard activities. If they do only then you should step ahead and if they don’t you already know they are not worth it.

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