How The Impact of Terror Attacks In Paris Could Have Been Lower If Security Management Systems Had Been In Place

France was jolted by multiple terror attacks in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis. It was a deadly terrorist attack on evening of 13 November 2015. It was an attack on humanity. Over 130 people were killed across Paris including 89 at the Bataclan theatre on Friday evening. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are the masterminds behind the Paris terrorist attacks. They are the biggest threat for our security and the world. A Syria –based jihadi was suspected of planning the attacks in France. This deadly violence across the city raised a serious question that how a most wanted man from Europe could travel freely around the continent and easily challenge France’s national security. How a top terrorist suspect could travel through Europe from Syria in past 12 months, passing checks in countries without security alarm being triggered.

The impact of Paris attack could have been lower if right security systems had been in place. Security management system is an integrated solution for overall world security. It is a part of the overall management system that provides the structure identify potential threats to a particular organization, event, and place. It establishes implements, operates, monitors, reviews, and maintains all appropriate measures to provide assurance of the effective management of the associated security risk. It is a key strategy and national strategy for the physical protection of critical infrastructure. But there are some clear fallings in that security management system which allowed terrorist to go on rampage. Let us take a quick look on some of falls.

Flawed Use of Schengen Rules

After the Paris attack it became clear that some of the terrorists travelled freely from Syria on EU passports. Majority of the militants involved in Paris attacks are the terrorist with EU passport. They misused schengen rules which were passed on 14 June 1985 by five member of the then European Economic community in a town of Schengen. There was no systematic check on Schengen entry points. Security personnel only checked passports which were not verified.

Wrong PNR (passenger names record)

There was a lack of security checks at the airports. This was a major mistake of border security. There were many wrong entries in internal as well as external flights. This was a big reason behind averting the France attacks and bombings. There were many flaws in visitor management system at the airports.

Flaws in Intelligence Agencies

This attack is a big failure for the France intelligence industry. It may be possible that the number of person who are suspect of 13 November attack such as Omar Mostefai and Sami Amimour, were very well known to the intelligence. The failure of intelligence agencies led to the suspected terrorists to get back to France apparently undetected.

Poor Surveillance Monitoring

There was definitely a big mistake in security monitoring through surveillance. If there were good security monitoring under surveillance than how suspected militants could be dropped from the lists of militants maintained at airports and other check point.


Role of Security Guards and Security Agencies in Overall Security

Security is the prime requirement for all countries. Generally this is a responsibility and the concern of the country’s government to provide security to common people of the country and they do fulfill their responsibilities and concerns, but many a times, it is not possible for the government to catch up all the events and people to provide safety and security services, thus comes the role of security guard agencies. Security guard agencies provide the best required services to all persons, group of people, building and society. The role of a security guard agency is very much important since it affects one’s life. These agencies offer security services in form of security guard and security software to private as well as public organizations and institutions. Public safety is primary role of a security guard and security agencies. These security guard agencies not only offer excellent security services but also perform well in terms of surveillance, crowd security and risk assessment duties. Security agencies became an essential from safety point of view for the whole country.

Importance of Security Guard Agencies

Security has become a primary concern after food and shelter. It is very much important nowadays. Honestly the world is becoming unsecured place day by day. New threats are coming up almost everyday because of terrorism and corruption has exploded in many countries. The importance of security agencies realized better after 911 terrorist attack on twin towers. In the present day there is a critical need of security services and trained guards. People are surrounded by a lot of risk. Every person and business organization are faced with new threats and challenges, to deal with these challenges people need an expert team which can handle these threats and challenges effectively. Hiring a security guard or security guard agency ensures that you are protected all the time from all insecurities and threats like risk of human crimes, threats and mishandlings.

Tips for Selecting Trustworthy Security Guard Agencies for Yourself

Reputation of Provider: –

Security is an area of life that cannot be compromised. Make sure the security guard agency you are selecting has a good track record and reputation. It is very important to confirm that the security agency you are selecting is valid in the eyes of law.

Global Presence: –

It is very important to know that the security agency you are going to hire has global presence or not? If you go for a security provider which serves globally it will be beneficial for you since they are going to bring in state of the art technology and professionalism while guarding your organization from the various threats your organization faces from outside and inside threats.

Research the Internet and Check Reviews: – Be a smart customer. Before selecting a security agency for you it is very necessary to search on the internet. Check the website of a good security guard agency which you want to select. A good security agency must have a good and well designed website. Check the reviews of the customers for services and product for that particular security guard agency.

Importance of Security Guard SIA License

Security guard companies in the United States cannot allow people to work as a security guard without a valid SIA (security industry authority) license. It is a law for all security companies to have their security guards certified with this license. SIA (security industry authority) license is a law created under the private security industry in 2001. This license was created to regulate the security industry and in order to reduce criminality. Security officer license ensures that private security operatives are properly trained and highly qualified to do their jobs and they can effectively manage security roles as well as CCTV surveillance. When a security guard holds an SIA license, you can make sure that the private security operative is completely trained, skilled, qualified and vetted to complete his/her job.

Why you need a SIA licensed Security Guard

The primary role of a security guard is to protect the public and the facility that they have been assigned to. Security guards are employed to ensure that people inside or outside the facility are safe and that no harm comes to them. SIA licensing ensures that private security guards you are hiring are ‘fit and correct people and they are properly trained and qualified to do their job. The training and skill of the security guards is the most vital factor for the accomplishment or failure of a security company.

How to procure a SIA Licensed Security Guard

It is very essential to take the right decision when you are going to invest on security guards for the security of your business and home. Selecting a trustworthy security guard provider company is very important. This decision cannot be taken for granted, if you are paying a good amount of money. It is very important that you should have the peace of mind that you have hired a company that trains their guards well and keeps their guards accountable. Apart from that the Security Company makes sure that their guards are SIA licensed. Before hiring a security guard you should consult a good security company because a good security company hires their security officers with a minimum of two years of experience. A good security company also provide classroom and on the job training for their security officers and keeps train their security guard thorough background checks and employment history checks. They also make sure that the customer meets all supervisors and security consultants that can be involved in securing their property. Only the security operatives who are fully licensed by SIA can respond proficiently to any situation they may experience out in the field.

It is imperative to talk to your security company and see if all their security guards are SIA licensed and have undergone the necessary training and certification that entails them to stand guard at your premises. Apart from that check on the web and the local community websites to ascertain the reputation of the security company from where you are hiring your security guards.

Airport Security a Challenge For Airport Security Companies

Travelling by air from one country to another or one city to another country or city is one of the major advances of the modern age. Number of businessmen, women and vacationers fly to their destinations in order to reach early. 250 million people travel from airports every year and more than 200 million pieces of their baggage are screened –for explosives and other dangerous items. Thousands types of peoples visit airports on a daily basis. Airports have become busiest places of any city.

Why Airport Security is Important?

This a time when terrorism is a major problem for humanity and airlines along with air travelers. Hijacking and bombings have become the method and choice for subversion by militant organizations all around the word. It is very important that security at airports should always be tight and strong. Some people travel from one place to another only for the motive of smuggling of drugs and arms. These types of activities are totally illegal in the eye of law and can cause severe damage to innocent lives. It is very important to keep a check on these types of people who travel only for doing illegal activities or crimes. It is necessary for airport security to decide what security measures might stop these criminals from their unlawful activities.

Airport Security is a Challenge

Airport security is a big challenge. According to the airport security companies securing an airport is a tough task. Airport security companies have many responsibilities and hazards in this work. These companies have to find high tech solutions and technology to be used for making flying as safe as possible. They have to consider whatever they are doing currently and what they are doing is enough for the security or not, or they have to do more for providing a secure environment in the airport or in the airlines. With their security system airport security companies secure lives of millions of people who are traveling by air along with people who are visiting airport the airport for one or the other reason. They have the responsibility of millions of lives. They cannot afford to commit a single mistake. One mistake can result the worst which may sometimes mean a loss of thousands of lives just because one airport security officer could not deliver effectively. Thus it can be said that airport security is challenge.

Airports are the most important component of the border security of a country. Border security is an economic issue it is just not immigration. Airport security companies follow basic approach for securing the airports that rely on multiple finding techniques, combining technology with the human agent.

Current airport security is a complex and dynamic question, but, with the support of the right security solution provider or with the help of good security company, a most effective solution is more accessible than ever.

Businesses and people need to understand the role of a site security officer

A site security officer plays an important role in enforcing law and shielding employer’s belongings and property. Intruders and thieves are an unending threat to most businesses, it is very important to maintain security of your business organization. It should be a top priority in your organization. It is very vital for your business to evaluate and see how you can improve your security. An organization’s security measures are often unnoticed until something goes awful. Having a site security officer is essential for security of the premises whether it is an organization or a public place. The presence of a site security officer is very essential for those businesses that deal in high value merchandise or are located in an area that has a high crime rate.

Importance of site security officer for security

Security measures such as cameras and alarm systems can protect your sensitive data inside your building but without site security officer it cannot be monitored and you cannot be protected as long as a site security officer is not appointed for monitoring your security. The presence of site security officer on the premises often serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers and criminals. Site security officer provides monitoring services for property owners and helps them to provide a safe environment and prevent violence. A site security officer plays different roles but the main reason for which they get hired in companies or at any site is for preventing crimes.  They work in public and private buildings and organizations to prevent crimes. They also appointed in a public places to facilities guarding against potential terrorist attacks. The presence of site security officer at a site provides peace of mind and sense of security to the owner of the organization as well as to the people who are present in that site.

Benefits of having site security officer on site

  • A site security officer works for the security of interior and exterior of the premise where they work.
  • Site security officer effectively monitors windows, doors and main gates and they always make sure that they are locked properly.
  • If a security alarm sounds in the situation of emergency then the site security officer is the first person on the scene. He is the one who makes the call to emergency, police, fire brigade or ambulance services.
  • He monitors CCTV footage and takes instant and required actions if something is happening wrong at the site.
  • They prepare daily active reports and logs of the sites where they are appointed for the security. During the situation of robbery, burglary and assault the security guard under the guidance of the site security officer will need to apprehend the suspect.
  • Site security officer is also responsible for allocating the security of the parking lots. Their presence is the only reason for criminals to think twice before breaking into cars. They monitor and report any suspicious activities. They monitor and respond to emergency alarms.


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Why hire security guards?

Ensuring the security of your property and life of your loved one’s is a primary task for every person. After food shelter and clothing security is an important priority. We are living in a society where crime is increasing with a high rate. Crimes like car theft, robbery, murders, rapes, vandalism, and muggings are the society’s main issues nowadays. These crimes are very dangerous for property and human lives along with the mental and health condition of victims of these crimes. Hiring a security guard becomes an important requirement to the society’s people to live a secure life. Hiring a security guard has several benefits to society. Security guard offers visible prevention from criminals and provides professional protection to assets. Hiring a security guard is very important since it helps owners to transfer his burden and tension to the security guard who is more efficient in deterring crime. Security guard are more efficient, competent and appropriately trained to handle situations where common people may not be able to act coherently.

What security guards do?

Security guards are professionally trained, licensed and skilled personnel. They secure areas which are entrusted to them and prevent crimes that may happen inside or near the perimeter of the area where they have been appointed or hired for duty. They provide physical security to every single person and asset of the area where they have been deployed. They have security equipment, weapons, communication systems, Security Patrol Systems and an authority to use these systems and equipment along with the weapons when required depending upon the situation and orders they have been issued.

When you hire a security guard you make him the master of his assigned post. They have the ability and training to access and reduce danger. Security guards are deterrents to criminals. Hiring a security guard has an advantage that it provides an impression to the criminals that you are ready to fight back whenever required. A security guard’s role is to protect his contracted client’s lives and property. The primary responsibility of a security guard is prevention before an incident occurs. A security guard during or after incident stays calm, observes the events, remember the events and take required actions such as call the police or security guard’s supervisors.
Benefits you can reap after you hire a security guard

• Gives a sense of security: –

Presence of a security guard at an organization, house or apartment provides a sense of security and peace of mind to the owner.

• Prevent crimes: –

Having security guards at a property acts as a great deterrent to crime. Robbers and burglar will think more than twice before targeting a property that has uniformed or guard protection.

• Monitor security: –

Security guard monitors effectively, 24 hours via video surveillance for enhanced security of the area where they are appointed.

• Maintain secure and safe environment: –

Security Guards through various practices and security guard management systems, such as video surveillance, restricting access to areas and checking for visitor credentials reinforce a sense of security in the habitants of that building or organization.

• Deal with security issues: –

Security guards are trained to tackle things that may pose a danger to your business or home. They know exactly what to do when an intruder enters or even tries to enter your property or privacy.

• They do more than protection: –

Security guards can be in organization to greet your visitors. They can provide parking services to the visitors of the organization.

Patrol Monitoring System a must have for ports with high tendency of smuggling

In this modern age of technology each and every thing is managed by highly developed technology. It is a dangerous task to do patrolling on ports and at borders but thanks to the new technology and Monitoring system that has been developed, which helps in curbing cross border trafficking and smuggling.

Modern solution for guard touring is to have all activity reports and logs. In modern patrol monitoring system deployment of RFID and NFC on patrol routes and providing mobile devices help to send real time data and activity to the centralised system.

Guard tour patrol system is a system where it becomes essential for employee to take his round in different situations for example patrolling property or port. It really helps make sure that the employee does his or her patrolling work at the correct intervals and can offer virtual records for legal or insurance reasons. This type of system was there from so long using mechanical watch clock-based systems. But the modern systems are based on handheld data loggers and RFID sensors.

Fundamentally, the patrol system provides and maintains the record of time of the patrolling guard for reaches at certain important points on their tour. It of course makes sure the fact that the employee is reached at all given points and he is safe and can capture and send the real time pictures from his mobile devices. Checkpoints are placed at extreme ends of the tour route and at critical points.

An example of a modern set-up might work as follows: The employee carries a portable electronic sensor or mobile device which is connected with central data centre. Scan NFC/RFID tag checkpoints at strategic site locations using mobile technology sending real-time updates via email. Confirm tours in real-time using survivable tour tags; deliver detailed and accurate tour logs

Real time event and activity reporting- while guard on patrolling they can send or submit real time event and activity reports to the administrator through their mobile devices , they can send media as well as text reports of the check points. Patrol monitoring system is centralised, so it will create trust and credibility for the stake holder.

Attendance- As ports and boarders are so vast and it’s not possible to take attendance of guards at common point, so modern monitoring system help to solve this issue. Guard can report his in or out via his mobile device. This will help increase efficiency at work place.

Location finder- In modern system, we can find the geo location of the guard and it will at the time of emergency. As GPS keep tracking the location of employee so it’s easy to send the help at the time of emergency.

An Impeccable security system with security guard management software

Security Guard Management Software is a technology used to automate and modernize the security services to manage, track and ensure that officers are doing their patrols. Furthermore, it helps to store the entire personal information of guards and their daily work reports which can be supervised and accessed as and when required by the authority.

You must have already witnessed how a security guard plays a vital role in maintaining a consistent peaceful, healthy flow, whether it’s in an airport, corporate, hospital, banks or colleges.

The importance of their roles can be understood from the fact that in some cases lack of proper security measures may to lead to loss of lives. Any denial to safety & security is unacceptable both from personal and business point of view. Therefore, everyone wants to hire the best security guard service.

What turns a security guard service into an impeccable security system is security guard management software.

Let see how security management software can benefit your business?

1.) Improved Security Operation & management

It enhances benefits; decrease costs, and deals with your security workforce all the more viably via automation of internal procedures through web and mobile innovation. Software solutions can help managers and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities.

2.) Faster Incident Reporting

Easily track and manage incidents. With smart use of multimedia and text incident alerting software takes care of the entire process and enforces consistency. For every incident depending on the site and incident type you can create templates and an unlimited amount of prefilled incident reports with a wide range of response types.

3.) Track Security Tours & patrols

With this intelligent software you will be able to capture accurate real time data of guard tour logs and reports.

4.) Online Management of guard Post Order

Documentation of compliance, to give out directions & to convey post updates can be managed using different software suites.

5.) Detailed report of officer activity

Get rid of paper reports and consolidate information online. Capture or plan officer activities in real-time from any site.

6.) Protects security officer with a Lone Worker Protection

As the name suggests, with this feature an officer can get immediate help in case of emergency which may be triggered due to falls, device impacts and more, therefore it provides a protection to our man force.

If you are on a look out to hire a security services check whether they employ this impeccable software to monitor all guard activities. If they do only then you should step ahead and if they don’t you already know they are not worth it.

About TrackForce

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