7 Significant tips for successful security patrolling

Construction sites, shopping centers, airports and hotels know the importance of hiring security patrol guards for security. These are the main locations that require security guard walk and monitoring for ensuring their security. A security patrol guard obviously has to manage a lot every day. Keeping a watch over the property by regular walking and travelling around the property is not an easy task. To provide quality security patrol services you should need to use proper patrol techniques. Here we have got some essential techniques for safe and effective patrolling that every security patrol officer should bring into play to protect their client’s property and protect them from harm.

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1. Security Guard Patrol Officer should wear comfortable shoes

Security Patrol Guards who are on foot patrol should be wearing comfortable shoes that allow them to walk for long distances with ease while they are on shift. Most private security guard firms do not provide their guards comfortable shoes. It is a responsibility of security patrol guard to get proper footwear. Their shoes should be supportive, comfortable and of rubber soles so that security guard should be able to run wearing them if necessary.

2. Security Patrol officer should carry their defensive gear

Security guards on patrolling should always carry their defensive gear with them. As a security patrol officer if you are not allowed to carry a gun as a part of security force, you should always carry whatever defense gear you are allowed to. Defense gear is an important item that every security patrol officer should carry their duty belt. As a security patrol officer you should always have a quick access to security defense gear so that you can fight and protect yourself in any critical situation. Everyday before going on your shift ensure that your defensive gear is in a good working order.

3. Maintain a safe distance during conversation

Maintaining a safe distance during conversation with anybody is an important tip that every security patrol officer should keep in mind to defend himself while doing his duty. For a security patrol guard it is very important tip to remain safe while speaking with members of public. He should look into the eyes of the person he is speaking to and watch his upper body part movement. Person’s eyes and upper body part movement will serve you as a point to defend the security officer in case of an attack.

4. Security Patrol officer should keep his patrol interval random

You should always keep you patrol intervals random. You should never do your patrol at the same time every hour. All your patrols should be random that is a ten minute interval, thirty minute interval and you can mix it up with a fifteen minute interval or in between. Do not let criminals know about your exact timings of patrolling. Make your patrolling timing unpredictable for criminals.

5. Walk for long around corners

Do not forget to walk long around corners while doing patrolling on a site. If you are walk tightly around corners, you will lessen the risk of allowing criminals to hide around the corners and surprising you. Take long time to patrol corners and use your flashlight to patrol around every corner.

6. Do not only look listen to the surroundings

As a security patrol officer you should not only look around the surroundings but you should also listen to the surroundings. It is very difficult to see a moving person or object when you are moving so stand still and listen what is moving within your view. Notice everything that is moving around you, and then continue your route.

7. Do not go by same the route

Taking the same route again and again for patrolling is one of the biggest mistakes that new security patrol officers make. Take different routes as you patrol. Doing this will make criminals live in suspense and they will never know where you will be at any given time.


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