Top Four Security issues plaguing Organizations – Handled with a Security Management System

Every business owner has to be aware of the importance of the security of his organization.  Any business organization can only thrive in a safe and secure environment, where the security of the building, security of employees, security of important data and financial security are a priority.  In this post we shall discuss four most critical security issues that companies face and learn how we can improve the security of an organization with the use of security management system. Let’s take a look at the importance of security management system for an organization’s security awareness program. These four points will guide you to enhance your organization’s safety and security management. After reading these points you will be convinced and agree that these four organizational security issues can be dealt with easily with the use of appropriate security management systems in place.

Organization Personal Security threats

Personal security stands for employees, workers, clients and customer’s security. If an organization wants to groom well in its market then the owner should has to take care of his organization’s personal security.  Personal security is frequently cited as the most worrisome security concern. Personal frictions between employees and employees and customers and customers are one of the major reasons of violence in the organization. Violence in any organization can form frightening prospects for any company. As we know, personal security threats and issues are so difficult to detect and prevent in advance, however we can exercise vigilance and discretion in dealing with employees issues by adding a feature of workforce management system into a security management system along with human resources and management personnel. Workforce management system allows organization owner and the security officers to track incidents, manage overall workforce, and delegate task and authority according to the employee’s skills and knowledge. This feature in your security management system will help to reduce the chance of fight or clash between employees and clients.

Take care of IT infrastructure, Information/Data Security

After protecting the company’s personal security, organization’s IT infrastructure requires a stiff security. A business’s IT and internet network contains confidential data and information that are hundred times valuable than the companies’ other assets, just for the reason that the organization’s IT infrastructure and network is the lifeline of the organization. It holds the organization’s most confidential data or information.  Employees of the organization rely on IT infrastructure and network to do their jobs and subsequently make money for the organization. Therefore it is important to recognize that your IT infrastructure and network are secured with the top security. You can secure your IT infrastructure with the use of complete security management system that includes CCTV monitoring, alarm monitoring system, security guard services and network and password security software. It will reduce the chances of data and network security breaches in the organization.

Physical Security of Organization

Physical security of an organization is the most important security that cannot be ignored whether the organization is big or small in size.  Physical security includes keeping facilities safe from theft, robbery and other criminal acts. It also includes controlling access to the facilities and maintaining them to meet standards for the safety of the company’s employees. With the use of security management system that includes security guard at the front gate, badges for employees, fire suppression systems or intruder alarms keypad access, security camera monitors and biometrics to manage employee identification and access you can remove the risk of physical security breaches.



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