5 Event Management Security tips: Keep your Guests Safe

Security at big events, such as festivals and concerts should be a priority since these events have a lot of footfall from the general public and are prone to attacks and mismanagement. Terrorist attacks in Bataclan concert hall in Paris on the evening of 13 November 2015 is one of the recent examples that tell us why effective security management is important in events. If an event’s security is not handled deftly, security issues could lead to incidents that prove embarrassing and costly for the hosting company and guests of the event. Event security is extremely important. An effective event security management does not only help to prevent breeches of safety and other illegal activities however it also make guests of such events feel safe and ease. Let us discuss most important safety measures that we as a security company or as an event manager for an event should swear by. These security measures and guidelines are very important to provide a good foundation for mitigating risks at events.

1. Make a Definite Budget for Event Security

Hire a security team that is professional and dedicated to the event’s security. It is very important that your budget for event should allocate around 20% to security. Professional security companies such as Trackforce provides a comprehensive package for event security that includes guard security, guard patrol security, security management software, visitor management system, CCTV monitoring and emergency alarm monitoring. Trackforce deploys only the best security guard companies, trained to handle different scenarios. To ensure the seamless integration of security into an event’s operations a professional security provider company should be involved in event planning from Day 1.

2. Research and Mange Your Guest with the help of Visitor Management System

It is very important in high profile events to have the same procedure as is employed at airports for security checking. You are essentially required to have metal detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs and X-ray machines at all entry points along with armed security guards. Tell your guests to come ahead of time, on the invitation, that any bags or briefcases will be searched and/or passed through an X-ray machine. Cut-off time for late arrivals, if some guests arrive late don’t let them in. Manage your visitors through a visitor management system in real time. Provide entry badges to your guests to ensure that the guests are authorized.

3. Choose a safe Venue and Get a Detailed Layout of Event Venue

When selecting the location for an event, select a safe venue. It is very important to prepare a checklist of security questions, don’t forget to ask for evacuation plans in case of an emergency, the location of all emergency exits, access for paramedics, and contingency plans in case of bomb threats or power outrages. It is very important to get a detailed layout of event venue to avoid unauthorized entry. Get updated with the floor plan of the venue. This way you can keep security covering all entrance and exists.

4. Keep Communication up Throughout the Event and after

For a better security management or to look after something that is valuable, ensure that it is communicated to all involved. If someone important arrives late to the event that should be communicated to the event security detail to prevent unauthorized entries and security breaches. After the event reporting problems that arise or that could have been avoided should also be communicated and discussed, so as to learn from them and to provide better services to the guests in future events.

5. Have an Emergency Planning

For a good event security management you should have at least one backup plan in case of emergency. An effective backup plan includes venue evacuation plans, the availability and accessibility of emergency medical care and thoroughly briefing event staff prior to the start of the event. Do not forget to examine you existing event contracts and review your insurance policies to check on specific coverage.


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