Security Mobile Apps Transforming the Construction Industry

Managing and handling a construction company is not an easy job.  It is very tricky to handle various projects, contracts, subcontractors, bids, scheduling at one time flawlessly. Construction companies have to maintain a balance between high value projects and low value projects while they also has to save time and money, finish contracts on time and have to complete projects within budget. To be successful in this industry construction companies not only have to hire diverse workforce with specialized skills and high tech equipments but also have to ensure safety and security while complying with various laws. Recent advancements in security mobile apps for construction sites have features that help to ensure safety and security and also provide new avenues for keep visual records of construction projects from start to finish for better project management.

Role of Mobile Security Apps for Managing Construction Sites

For ensuring a smooth and safe works flows on his different construction sites, construction site owner has to keep track of construction teams, progress, equipment, bylaws, and hours in real time. For doing this it is very important for Construction Companies to adopt security management systems software along with mobile security apps. Construction sites are increasingly subject to theft of expensive equipment and materials. Statistics shows every year Construction Companies bear a loss of minimum million dollars due to equipment and metal theft. Security management system software with mobile security apps is a technology being used to streamline construction project management, eliminate delays, and reduce overall project costs. Here are four ways mobile security apps are making a difference in the construction industry.

  1. Eliminate Construction Delays

Mobile security apps help owner to gather critical information of all his construction sites such as trades and contractors present at the site, climate conditions, and construction progress. This important information helps to reduce overall project delays. Mobile security apps keep construction on schedule and bring issues to light that might put projects on hold.

  1. Improved Communication and Office Efficiency

Combination of Mobile security apps and security management system software works together 24/7 and monitors each single area of the different construction sites in real time. Owners and project stakeholders can read daily reports of their different construction sites on mobile devices. Security management system software automatically sends alerts via emails to smart phones, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response. This enhances communication and increases back-office efficiency. It reduces errors and issues and ensures required attention faster. It helps construction managers to run projects smoothly and complete on time and on budget.

  1. Better Accountability and Documentation

Mobile security apps have a big advantage that they provide better accountability of workers and reduce labor costs. Through mobile security apps owners can track staff travel times GPS locations and time spent on-site consistently. Using mobile apps to capture information at the job site improves accuracy and reduces issues that arise from illegible handwriting, inconsistent data, and information gaps. Photos, GPS and time stamps captured on-site provide an accurate and indisputable audit trail for the project, delivering accountability. It gives evidence in legal disputes and also helps to take instant required action if any emergency situation arises.

  1. Better Equipment Management

Through database-driven mobile security apps owner can better manage and track their equipments or machinery in real time from anywhere. He can have all important information about maintenance schedules, availability, and equipment locations. Security mobile apps help construction mangers to improve inventory planning and use. It enhances security of their equipments.






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