How to Identify Internal Security Threat to Your Business

According to business threat researchers SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), lack in the understanding of the security threats. Many administrators neglect to even consider internal threats when securing an organization. They don’t know that most security breaches are perpetrated by people inside the company. Most of business entrepreneurs think security threats are posed by outsiders and visitors but they do not know that 90 percent of criminal computer crimes were committed by employees of the company.

Entrepreneurs are not aware of the security threats that can be posed from internal business environment. They ignore possibility of internal attacks. They don’t realize business criminal attacks are particularly likely to happen from the inside due to internal knowledge of the organization. Internal security attacks can be much more costly than an attack from external security attacks. It is hard to identify the internal security threat of your business organization but these four most likely causes of security breaches will protect your business against them.

Identify what are internal security threats

In order to protect your business organization against internal security threat, it is necessary to understand what they are. Internal security threats occur when the resources inside the organization are used to harm just for the reason that the organization has poor workforce management system. Harm can be executed by employee, contractor, or third party support technician. With the use of secrecy of internet they can easily walk on their wrong tracks. They can do it by running software or by making a change that has a negative impact on the organization.

Disgruntled or Unhappy Employees

Every organization has some disgruntled or unhappy employees. Reason might be many like- low income,  extra work load, demotions, no raise or promotion, swiping of their ideas, and fight with the boss. These types of employee can be pissed off or frustrated with company and companies’ terms and conditions. They think they are not treated fairly by the company. These employees are the biggest threat for the company security. They can use company’s confidential information against company that can harm company. They do it with the intention of revenge.  Some of disgruntled employees know how to use authority data against company.  They can hack your company’s important software and passwords with the help of their knowledge and job experience. They can break and steal the company’s assets with the intention of vengeance.

Careless or Uninformed Employees

There are also some employees who are careless and uniformed. They can harm your business organization and its confidential information and assets not by the intention of harm but for the reason of carelessness. With their carelessness they can misplace, delete and drop organization’s important papers, documents, and data. These types of workers can be a serious threat for your company and can be easy targets for competitors who want to harm your company’s reputation.

Mobile Devices (BYOD)

Make sure you have a carefully spelled out BYOD policy. Mobile devices pose a big threat to your business organizations. Data theft is at high vulnerability when employees are using mobile devices to share company ‘information and access company’ information. Disgruntled employees can misuse their phone and phone cameras for stealing company information for the intention of harm.  68 percent of security breaches are perpetrated inside the company just because of the misuse of mobile devices.


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