How The Impact of Terror Attacks In Paris Could Have Been Lower If Security Management Systems Had Been In Place

France was jolted by multiple terror attacks in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis. It was a deadly terrorist attack on evening of 13 November 2015. It was an attack on humanity. Over 130 people were killed across Paris including 89 at the Bataclan theatre on Friday evening. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are the masterminds behind the Paris terrorist attacks. They are the biggest threat for our security and the world. A Syria –based jihadi was suspected of planning the attacks in France. This deadly violence across the city raised a serious question that how a most wanted man from Europe could travel freely around the continent and easily challenge France’s national security. How a top terrorist suspect could travel through Europe from Syria in past 12 months, passing checks in countries without security alarm being triggered.

The impact of Paris attack could have been lower if right security systems had been in place. Security management system is an integrated solution for overall world security. It is a part of the overall management system that provides the structure identify potential threats to a particular organization, event, and place. It establishes implements, operates, monitors, reviews, and maintains all appropriate measures to provide assurance of the effective management of the associated security risk. It is a key strategy and national strategy for the physical protection of critical infrastructure. But there are some clear fallings in that security management system which allowed terrorist to go on rampage. Let us take a quick look on some of falls.

Flawed Use of Schengen Rules

After the Paris attack it became clear that some of the terrorists travelled freely from Syria on EU passports. Majority of the militants involved in Paris attacks are the terrorist with EU passport. They misused schengen rules which were passed on 14 June 1985 by five member of the then European Economic community in a town of Schengen. There was no systematic check on Schengen entry points. Security personnel only checked passports which were not verified.

Wrong PNR (passenger names record)

There was a lack of security checks at the airports. This was a major mistake of border security. There were many wrong entries in internal as well as external flights. This was a big reason behind averting the France attacks and bombings. There were many flaws in visitor management system at the airports.

Flaws in Intelligence Agencies

This attack is a big failure for the France intelligence industry. It may be possible that the number of person who are suspect of 13 November attack such as Omar Mostefai and Sami Amimour, were very well known to the intelligence. The failure of intelligence agencies led to the suspected terrorists to get back to France apparently undetected.

Poor Surveillance Monitoring

There was definitely a big mistake in security monitoring through surveillance. If there were good security monitoring under surveillance than how suspected militants could be dropped from the lists of militants maintained at airports and other check point.


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