Importance of Security Guard SIA License

Security guard companies in the United States cannot allow people to work as a security guard without a valid SIA (security industry authority) license. It is a law for all security companies to have their security guards certified with this license. SIA (security industry authority) license is a law created under the private security industry in 2001. This license was created to regulate the security industry and in order to reduce criminality. Security officer license ensures that private security operatives are properly trained and highly qualified to do their jobs and they can effectively manage security roles as well as CCTV surveillance. When a security guard holds an SIA license, you can make sure that the private security operative is completely trained, skilled, qualified and vetted to complete his/her job.

Why you need a SIA licensed Security Guard

The primary role of a security guard is to protect the public and the facility that they have been assigned to. Security guards are employed to ensure that people inside or outside the facility are safe and that no harm comes to them. SIA licensing ensures that private security guards you are hiring are ‘fit and correct people and they are properly trained and qualified to do their job. The training and skill of the security guards is the most vital factor for the accomplishment or failure of a security company.

How to procure a SIA Licensed Security Guard

It is very essential to take the right decision when you are going to invest on security guards for the security of your business and home. Selecting a trustworthy security guard provider company is very important. This decision cannot be taken for granted, if you are paying a good amount of money. It is very important that you should have the peace of mind that you have hired a company that trains their guards well and keeps their guards accountable. Apart from that the Security Company makes sure that their guards are SIA licensed. Before hiring a security guard you should consult a good security company because a good security company hires their security officers with a minimum of two years of experience. A good security company also provide classroom and on the job training for their security officers and keeps train their security guard thorough background checks and employment history checks. They also make sure that the customer meets all supervisors and security consultants that can be involved in securing their property. Only the security operatives who are fully licensed by SIA can respond proficiently to any situation they may experience out in the field.

It is imperative to talk to your security company and see if all their security guards are SIA licensed and have undergone the necessary training and certification that entails them to stand guard at your premises. Apart from that check on the web and the local community websites to ascertain the reputation of the security company from where you are hiring your security guards.


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